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Saturday, March 01, 2008


20,000 Dollari Sporchi Di Sangue
Music by Michele Lacerenza
GDM Hillside Series GDM 4113
23 Tracks 50:01 mins

This third recent Italian Western score release in the GDM Hillside Series is for a 1969 oater, starring Brett Halsey and Fernando Sancho. The music is by Michele Lacerenza, who is remembered mostly for his exellent trumpet playing in so many scores from this genre.
After a dramatic trumpet intro, the score gets off to a good start, with Joe Rivers peforming (in English) the main theme "Kidnapping." Track 2 presents a music box-like variation on the theme, heard a couple more times later in the score, which is followed by a sad violin track "Lontano Passato," with organ joining. A fine travelling instrumental version of "kidnapping" follows, and then a religious organ variation leads into a tense version of "Lontano Passato." Subsequent tracks offer numerous variations on these two themes, as well as the suspenseful and, at times, menacing "Imboscata," with Lacerenza's trumpet featuring on some of the "Kidnapping" tracks to great effect.
Sound, as with the other two releases previously reviewed, is really very good for its age, with the first 16 tracks being in stereo, and the remainder in mono.
The usual colourful booklet completes the package, with cast and crew credits, plus plenty of stills and artwork. Visit for all your Italian soundtrack requirements.

From Perseverance Records

The Film Music of Jim Manzie, Vol.2 Released
Perseverance Records PRP 023

The second volume of scores by this underrated composer is out today,
and I think I like it even better than the first one. This CD
features selections from Sleepstalker: The Sandman's Last Rites,
Bowling Balls - Insane Clown Posse, Scarecrow, Servants of Twilight,
Stepfather 2, Red Blooded American Girl, Night of the Demons 2, From
a Whisper to a Scream and Moonrise aka My Grandfather is a Vampire.
Like Volume 1, this compilation features notes by Jim and the
directors he has worked with on the various projects that give
insight into the scoring process and the collaboration between
director and composer. Filled with artwork, this promotional CD will
only be sold here to recoup production costs. We might send a few out
to the soundtrack specialty stores, where you can find all our other
titles, as well, such as Screen Archives Entertainment, our most
loyal customer. LIMITED TO 250 PRESSINGS.
Click to order: <>.

Big Soundrack Auction
We need money for new projects. That is why I am selling off some of
my collection on eBay. Look for an email in the next couple of weeks
with such goodies as the last Kickboxer CD (signed by composer Paul
Hertzog), Jerry Goldsmith's rejected score to Timeline, and Jim
Manzie's remaining Leatherface, as well as a bunch of other rare
scores and bargain deals.

New Projects
Coming in March: Mutant by Richard Band (expanded version with 7
bonus Main Titles from Richard Band movies)
Coming in April: The Interior by Edwin Wendler, our first
downloadable only score from the Internet show. For more information
go to .
Coming in May: Knightriders by Donald Rubinstein, this long sought-
after cult soundtrack to George A. Romero's classic finally sees the
light of day.
Coming in June: Hired Guns by The Sales Bros., our first Blues album.
Coming in July: The Runestone by David Newman, arguably the best
horror score by this fine composer.

As always, stay tuned to the Web site for current news, and thanks
for listening.

Robin Esterhammer
Perseverance Records


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