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Monday, January 21, 2008


The Simpsons Video Game
Music by Christopher Lennertz and Timothy Wynn
24 Tracks 51:12 mins

Christopher Lennertz is a talent who has very much caught my eye in recent times. He certainly seems to be getting plenty of work, in film, TV and games. After a hiccup, I finally got to hear his score for The Comebacks (available on iTunes), which is in the finest Hollywood sporting drama traditions, even if the film is a comedy, and I've just received his latest score for Meet The Spartans, which I shall be covering in due course. In TV he has of course won an Emmy for his work on Supernatural, and in games he has, prior to this latest effort, written excellent scores for Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, From Russia With Love and Gun.
Working in collaboration with Timothy Wynn, who has also worked with him on Supernatural and the recent Warhawk, Lennertz has again come up with the goods for The Simpsons Game, which has just been nominated for Best Action Game of 2007 at the annual 1 Up Awards. Of course it wouldn't be the Simpsons without Elfman's theme and it does surface here and there, particularly in the opening track "Bart Travels," and the Elfman style is never far away throughout the score, with his early trademark wackiness and use of female harmonies.
Utilising a 75-piece orchestra, recorded at the famous Skywalker Ranch, the score subtly parodies a number of film and game scores. There's an heroic martial theme, which could easily have come out of the medal of Honor series (one of which Lennertz scored, as previously mentioned), and "The Day Springfield Stood Still" introduces some powerful otherwordly music, complete with theremin, very much a cross between Herrman's Day the Earth Stood Still and Elfman's Mars Attacks. There is also a surprisingly lush, '50s-styled piece entitled "The White Rabbit" and some Bondesque moments, as in "Bartman Begins." In fact, there really isn't a track on this promotional disc that doesn't deliver. I just wish someone would make a commercial recording available, so that you could all enjoy this score as much as I do.


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