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Sunday, January 13, 2008


La Guerra Di Troia/La Leggenda De Enea
Music by Govanni Fusco
Digitmovies CDDM093 (Italy)
Disc 1 - 21 Tracks 52:09 mins Disc 2 - 24 Tracks 58:18 mins

Another fine entry in the label's series of recordings featuring music from the Italian Peplum genre, presents two scores, by Giovanni Fusco, for films based on the legends of Troy, 1961's La Guerra Di Troia and the following year's sequel La Leggenda De Enea, both starring Steve Reeves (of Hercules fame) in the role of Aeneas, the latter film also notable as an early directorial effort from Albert Band, whose son, Charles, has a part in the film and was of course later to become one of the kings of American b-movie horror.
Fusco is often a forgotten name amongst Italian film composers, but had a distinguished career, starting with his first film in 1936, at the age of 30, and concluding with his last work, La Confessione, released posthumously in 1970. His music for the two films on this double disc set, presented complete, in very good mono sound, from the original masters.
La Guerra Di Troia is fully orchestral with choir, with a fanfarish, inspirational main theme, dramatic battle music, again with brass fanfares abounding, some low-key mystery and suspense, and also more pastoral moments, like "Enea e Creusa," for flute, oboe and harp. Bonus tracks, at the end of the disc, feature alternate versions without choir.
La Leggenda Di Enea fills disc 2 and commences with something of a low-key march theme, interrupted by brass fanfares at one point and then continues, as with its prequel, with a mixture of muscular action and dark mystery, and some lighter moments, suggestive of music of the time, like the balletic passage in "Incontro Tra Due Popoli" and the seductive dance "Balletto a Corte." The sturdy finale leads into one alternate bonus track.
As always, the music is accompanied by a colourful booklet, featuring plenty of stills and artwork from the films, plus brief synopses and Claudion Fuiano's guide to the films and their music.
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