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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Sam Spence - Our Man in Munich
Music by Sam Spence
All Score Media ASM 025 (Germany)
22 Tracks 56:44 mins

Before receiving this fine new release I was only familiar with some of the many hours of music Spence had written for the American NFL Films, this from a sampler released quite a few years ago on the Tommyboy label. Of course, since then, a comprehensive collection of his NFL work has been issued, but unfortunately, much as I would love to have the collection, it is beyond my means.
Despite knowing some of his music, I knew absolutely nothing about the man, so the booklet, in German and English, proved useful in filling me in. Amazingly, despite scoring such an American institution, Spence has for many years been based in Germany, scoring many films, TV and adverts there.
This collection presents some of Spence's best-loved NFL Films music, together with one track never before released, as well as samples from his film, TV and advertising work. Stylistically, the music is largely brassy big-band jazz, but with a rhythm section reflective of the time, whether it be the '60s, '70s or '80s. Overall, it makes for one of the most entertaining albums I've heard for some time, with plenty of catchy grooves. Occasionally, homage is paid to well-known film fare of the times, like The Magnificent Seven, Shaft and Who Dares Wins, but there are plenty of original ideas on show and, growing up in the '60s and '70s, I can really relate to this music.
Another great release from All Score Media. Visit their website at, and for more informationon Sam Spence, go to


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