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Friday, August 24, 2007

CD REVIEW - 1408

Music by Gabriel Yared
16 Tracks 56:28 mins

For this supernatural thriller, Gabriel Yared has composed a score most unlike anything I've ever heard from him before. It's basically your usual eerie, often dissonant mix of orchestra and electronics, like the scores of numerous films of this genre in recent years. There are a few bursts of excitement here and there, but on the whole this is pretty hard to listen to on disc, although I'm sure it supports the film very well.
Of course, the staple of the haunted house (or in this case room, I believe) movie is the sad or mysterious piano theme, and Yared comes up with his own rather delicate melody, though it does burst forth on the strings at one point.
Once quite a distinctive voice on the film scoring scene, I do hope that Yared's experiences on the likes of Troy haven't lead him to question his approach to the art. We need some originality in film music these days - someone to stand out from the pack.


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