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Friday, July 27, 2007

CD REVIEW - Love Birds

Love Birds - Una Strana Voglia D'Amore
Music by Bruno Nicolai
GDM Hillside Series GDM 4106
34 Tracks 70:03 mins

When the GDM Hillside Series comes up with a new Italian Western score release, I am usually one of the first in line for a copy, but I've often passed on scores for other genres and I am sure I'm missing out on a lot of good music. That would certainly have been the case with this CD, had Lionel Woodman of Hillside not persuaded me to take a chance on it.
Now I won't re-open the old Morricone-Nicolai argument about who composed what during their time working together, but all I can say is that this 1969 effort is another Nicolai score that sounds a lot like others credited to Morricone, even down to the use of the wonderful voice of Edda Dell'Orso.
It's a great value-for-money release in that the opening ten tracks (just under 30 minutes) are taken from a C.A.M. promotional release, followed by a further 24 tracks of previously unreleased music taken from the score.
The album tracks are obviously put together to make for a pleasant listening experience, as was usually the case at the time, whereas the score tracks feature variations on themes presented in the album programme, often more brief versions, with different arrangements, and sometimes cut short. Whatever, the fact remains that the score features four very acceptable themes; the first, "Poema," a passionate, flowing piano and orchestra theme; the second, "La Contessa," a lovely, romantic piece, with wordless vocals by Edda; the third, first heard as "Canzone Disperata," a purposeful mover, sometimes light, at others more meaty; and the fourth, "Incantesimo," which features a repeating ethereal figure for celeste and piano, with Edda joining as the piece develops into something of a close relative of "La Contessa."
A couple of cues reveal a much different side to the score, with the composer providing some tense and quite desperate action music, and there is a degree of supsense at the start of "Due Uomini e Due Donnea, contrtasting with a typical '60s go-go number "Love Birds Shake."
A very enjoyable listening experience then, and thoroughly recommended. Get your copy at


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