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Monday, July 16, 2007

CD REVIEW - Infamous

Music by Rachel Portman & various artists
Milan 399 109 2 (EU)
18 Tracks 49:03 mins

The soundtrack to this alternate version of the story of Truman Capone's writing of his bestseller "In Cold Blood" is a mixture of songs and score. The songs include an on-screen performance of "What Is This Thing Calle Love" by Gwyneth Paltrow, and Daniel Craig and guitar performing "There's a Goldmine in the Sky." Both actors reveal they are capable of carrying a tune. There are also contributions by the Mark Rubin Band, Dusty Springfield and Hank Ballard, together with two previously unreleased songs by the late, great Harlan Howard, both peformed by Johnny Bond. All these numbers go to set the mood of the period, but it is Rachel Portman's score that adds the heart and soul. It's a hauntingly sad effort, often featuring woodwind solos, assisted by harp, cello and piano. Lighter fare is provided by three fairly brief, but catchy, shuffles for guitar and violin; whilst darker elements creep in for "Clutter Home" and "The Killings." In all, the composer's music accounts for ten of the album's eighteen tracks.
Portman is probably best known for her more light and fluffy fare, but here she proves she is equally capable of more restrained, powerful and serious work. It's just a shame that the other Capote movie beat this version of the tale to the crunch.


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