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Monday, May 21, 2007

CD REVIEW - La Banda del Gobbo

La Banda del Gobbo
Music by Franco Micalizzi
Digitmovies CDDM084 (Italy)
18 Tracks 35:03 mins

This is the premiere release, in fine stereo sound, of Franco Micalizzi's complete score for the Tomas Milian cop thriller La Banda del Gobbo, from 1977.
The music is very much in similar vein to Hollywood and British cop thrillers of the time, with the main theme, of which a good deal of the score consists, a jazz-funk action piece, reminiscent of Dominic Frontiere's theme for 1976's John Wayne starrer Brannigan, with a touch of Laurie Johnson's The Professionals thrown in.
The theme is first heard on electric piano and then developed by moog, brass and percussion, and makes for a very catchy "Titoli." It then features in many of the following tracks, either in familiar fast-paced guise, or mid-paced, or in more laid-back form. There are some mostly brief pieces in between, like the Mediterranean dance in track 3; the disco number of track 6; the suspenseful tracks 8 and 16; the church organ solo in track 14; the death march in track 17; and last but not least, the very nice lost love pop ballad of track 12, voiced by an uncredited vocal group.
As always, a colourful booklet accompanies the disc, filled with colour stills and artwork from the film, together with introductory notes by Claudio Fuiano and Pierluigi Valentini.


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