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Thursday, May 17, 2007

CD REVIEW - Il Figlio Di Spartacus

Il Figlio Di Spartacus
Music by Piero Piccioni
Digitmovies CDDM080 (Italy)
24 Tracks 50:17 mins

This 1962 entry in the Italian Peplum genre, featured Steve Reeves (Hercules) as the son of famous rebel gladiator Spartacus and was a kind of sequel to the Hollywood film of the same name.
The disc gets off to a good start with the bold, horn and timpani-driven title track, which is less a theme than muscular action music. This music, along with a noble and triumphant march, first heard in "Un Grande Eroe" and reprised in "Rando, Figlio di Spartacus" and "Il Trionfo di Rando," is the best there is to offer in this score and is reprised in "Combattimento" and the following "La Furia di Rando." The remainder of the score is pretty uninteresting, with much dark, threatening and mysterious music, often featuring timpani or weird organ playing, along with a couple of ethnic-styled dances.
Three bonus tracks present shorter versions of the "Combattimento" and "Il Trionfo di Rando" cues, plus an alternate version of one of the dances.
Recorded in mono, the CD is, as always, accompanied by a colourful booklet, featuring colour stills and artwork, plus Claudio Fuiano's introductory notes.


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