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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

News, News & Yet More News

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Universal Pictures Releases Feb. 16 Varese Sarabande Releases Score Feb. 27

(Los Angeles, CA) Grammy nominated for his score to the hit comedy "Little Miss Sunshine," composer Mychael Danna turns serious with the score to the dramatic thriller, "Breach," for director Billy Ray with whom Danna previously worked on "Shattered Glass." The award-winning composer sets the tone for the drama with a mysterious and beautiful score for piano and strings. Starring Ryan Philippe, Chris Cooper and Laura Linney, the film inspired by true events will be released by Universal Pictures February 16. Varese Sarabande releases the score CD February 27.

The dramatic and emotional score was recorded with the 45-piece Hollywood Symphony Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Dodd. Well known for his expertise of combining non-Western sound sources with orchestral and electronic minimalism in film music, the music is used here, according to director Billy Ray, "to underline the tragedy of Robert Hanssen, score the journey of Eric O'Neill, and score the tension of the chase between them. Mychael hooked into all three elements immediately and knocked it out of the park."

Danna began his film music career with the score for Atom Egoyan's "Family Viewing" in 1987, for which he Danna won a Canadian film award, an award for which he has now been nominated eleven times. He has earned a reputation for skillfully blending ethnic influences into the body of contemporary film scoring aesthetics, which led him to work with acclaimed directors such as Ang Lee, Scott Hicks, Gilles MacKinnon, Mira Nair, James Mangold and Joel Schumacher.

Danna studied music composition at the University of Toronto, winning the Glenn Gould Composition Scholarship in 1985. He also served for five years as composer-in-residence at the McLaughlin Planetarium in Toronto from 1987 to 1992.

Danna has proven his versatility from scoring Moroccan music in "8MM" to American Civil War-era sounds in "Ride With the Devil," and he infused medieval European and Persian music into the score for "The Sweet Hereafter." He has scored each of the eight movies by director Atom Egoyan, including "Where The Truth Lies", "Arafat", "Felicia's Journey", "Exotica", "The Adjuster", and "Speaking Parts."

Widely recognized for his work, Danna most recently received a Grammy nomination for his score to "Little Miss Sunshine." In addition, he scored the Oscar-winning "Capote," "The Nativity Story" for director Catherine Hardwicke, "Black" for director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and, with his brother Jeff Danna, "Tideland" for director Terry Gilliam. He next turns his talents to "Surf's Up," a behind-the-scenes look at the Penguin World Surfing Championship.


Hollywood Arts Dream Awards to Honor Tommy Tallarico Feb 17

On Saturday, February 17th, Hollywood Arts will host the Dream Awards honoring the art of video games and top video game composer Tommy Tallarico. Proceeds from the event, which will be held at Raleigh Studios, will be donated to Hollywood Arts to complete the renovation of a full service art and media center located on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue in Hollywood.

Hollywood Arts reaches homeless and at-risk teenagers through video-gaming, music, movies, writing, fashion, hair, makeup and animation, giving them artistic training and a chance to improve their self-esteem; heal trauma; create a new community of supportive friends and mentors; and learn critical life and job-readiness skills to transition them off the streets and into jobs in the creative industries. It is one of the first organizations to recognize video games as an art form.

"It was important for us to build relationships with the video gaming community," said Dylan Kendall, Executive Director of Hollywood Arts. "Our students gravitate to games. We recognize gaming can work as a learning activity. Video games can be used to promote emotional health and serve as an important vehicle to teach our students critical life and job-readiness skills."
Hollywood Arts approached Tommy Tallarico after learning he had a personal experience, giving him insight to the challenges its young students face.

"I understand how important the organization's work is," said Tommy Tallarico. "This is an opportunity for the video gaming community to showcase creativity and promote the value video gaming provides young people."

The dinner and award ceremony will feature several highlights, including COS Players, actors who dress as players of the games; the Hollywood Studio Symphony, a 36-piece orchestra performing video gaming music; Video Game Cabinets where guests can play their favorite game; and an auction. Anticipated auction items include, but are not limited to, an audio cameo in the popular game HALO 3, a master chief statue, one year supply of Paul Mitchell, a tour of the Bungie Studios and signed video game paraphernalia of games such as Guitar Hero 2 and by artists such as Yugi Naki, creator of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Andrew Apfelberg, a partner at Rutter Hobbs & Davidoff Incorporated, plays a lead role for Hollywood Arts. While Apfelberg remains extremely busy with his law practice, he finds time to work with the organization, where he serves on its Board of Directors. Not only is he passionate about Hollywood Arts' cause, but he also has a strong personal interest and client base in the digital content arena.

"There is something about the arts - video games, music, acting, etc. - that motivate at-risk and homeless teenagers to aspire to achieve greatness," said Apfelberg. "Witnessing their successes is both inspiring and fulfilling."

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit or call 323.656.5274.

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