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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Music of Chicago 10

If you go to my blog of 21st December, you will find a press release from Costa Communications regarding this groundbreaking documentary film that will open this year's Sundance Film Fesitval on January 18th. They also kindly sent me an advance CD of Jeff Danna's music for the film, which plays for some 24:22 minutes over 8 untitled tracks. I have yet to hear if a commercial release is planned for the music, but on the strength of this disc it certainly deserves it.
The CD commences with a whimsical little waltz tune, whichs out rather unpromisingly with electronic brass taking the lead. Fortunately live instruments largely take over and the piece improves all the time. Thereafter the music is thankfully mostly orchestral and next up is a purposeful mover, with some very exciting moments. The next track is an expectant variation on the previous cue, followed by an almost tragic piece. An attractive, flowing piano solo is next up, followed by a fateful mover, then more suspenseful music, but again with forward motion, eventually becoming a variation on the second cue. Presumably reflecting the ending of the film, the final track is a bleak and desolate affair.
This is again another commendable effort from Jeff Danna, whose work is always of a consistently high quality. I hope that, failing a soundtrack release, we at least get the opportunity to view the documentary, which is not always the case in these days where the blockbuster action movie is still king, despite the increasing number of interesting projects being made.


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