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Monday, January 01, 2007

CD REVIEW - Klaus Kinski Horror Trilogy + a first look at the music for Adrift in Manhattan

Klaus Kinski Horror Trilogy
Music by Berto Pisano/Stefano Liberati & Elio Maestosi
Digitmovies CDDM066(Italy)
Disc 1 - 27 Tracks 63:51 mins Disc 2 - 22 Tracks 41:38 mins

Celebrating the work of one of the most enigmatic of European actors, Klaus Kinski, Digitmovies have released this trilogy of scores on two discs.
La Morte Ha Sorriso All'Assassino, a gothic horror, with erotic elements and eye-popping (literally) shocks, from 1973 features much experimental atonal scoring, which is not very easy to listen to, but fortunately in between we have a very nice theme, which is something of a mix of romantic and melancholia, sometimes played slow, at others more uptempo, and utilising the vocal talents of Edda, as well as some bluesy flugelhorn playing. There is also a rather sunny waltz theme for guitar and strings and some source cues - a romantic piano solo and a lively tarantella. This score makes up the whole of disc one.
Disc two features two short scores by a duo of composers new to me, Stefano Liberati & Elio Maestosi, both for horror films released in 1973/4. La Mano Che Nutre La Morte takes up the first 11 tracks of the disc and starts off strongly with the rather sad strings of "Slava." The other highlight is the romantic "Il Campo dei Girasoli." It's quite a varied little score, with some gloomy, doom-laden music, some anxious moments, a spirited dance and some ethereal celesta playing.
Le Amanti Del Mostro again starts strongly with"Elegia Sulla Neve," which is quite romantic, whilst tinged with tragedy. The bittersweet strings of "Angoscia e Geiosia" follows, with the other highlight being the folksy, yet melancholy "Terra Ghiacciata." The remainder of the score is a mix of suspense, drama and a little action.
As always, a colourful booklet, featuring stills and artwork from the films, as well as notes by Pierluigi Valentini & Claudio Fuiano, accompanies the release.

If you go to my blog of 23rd December, you will see information about Adrift in Manhattan, a film which premieres at the Sundance Film Festival on January 18th, and which is an official selection in the "Dramatic Competition" there. Well, Costa Communications have kindly forwarded me an advance disc, featuring 4 tracks from the score, composed by Michael A. Levine of Cold Case fame, who, in addition to composing the music, also performs on guitar, mandolin, piano, violin and tenor violin.
The "Main Title" is a haunting, acoustic guitar-lead theme. This is followed by "The Kiss," a delicate, almost ethereal piece of romance. By contrast, "Only the President" is a propulsive effort, with the final track being the romantic ballad "Through Your Eyes," performed by oft-time Hans Zimmer assocaite Heiro Pereira, and co-written by Levine and Carolee Mann.
The film is apparently a psychological thriller, but the music presented here suggests more of a romantic drama. Whatever, it certainly ignited my interest and I hope a full soundtrack release will follow.


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