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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

CD REVIEW - Una Vergine Tra i Morti Viventi

Una Vergine Tra i Morti Viventi
Music by Bruno Nicolai
Digitmovies CDDM067 (Italy)
23 Tracks 47:44 mins

This is a premiere release of Bruno Nicolai's score to the Jess Franco film from 1973, which featured the director's blend of "erotism, esoterism, perversion, and mystery," as described in the CD's liner notes by Claudio Fuaino.
Nicolai's score was mixed in mono, but the sound is excellent nevertheless, and there are no track titles as such. The music is largely mysterious, threatening and often atonal, but with quite an exciting driving rhythm developing at times. Lighter elements are scarse, but there are some bright and gay piano source cues, as well as a nice bossa nova featuring a wordless Edda Dell'Orso vocal, which is also given a slower treatment in a couple of tracks. Some more unusual and noteworthy tracks include Track 4's warped fairground waltz, and towards the end of the disc there is something of a ritualistic rock music track, which is immediately followed by a cue for solo church organ.
In addition to Claudio's aforementioned guide to the film and its music, the booklet also contains a brief synopsis, and plenty of colour stills and artwork, some of it of an adult nature.


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