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Monday, August 14, 2006

Extemely Interesting New CDs

Dark Drama
Directors Cuts DCD020
30 Tracks 53:43 mins

Despite the whole series now being available on one Audio CD (as previously reviewed on this site), this CD dropped through my door and I was surprised to find I hadn't reviewed it, so here goes.
There's a great variety of music on this disc, commencing with a couple of really powerful tracks, the relentless "Reckoning Day" by Geoff Zanelli and Tobias Marberger's "Discomfort Zone," with its choir and ethnic touches. Other tracks of note include Lohner/Boll's fateful "Extraordinary League," which again features choir; the heartfelt cello of Tillman/Vedvik's "Mourning glory;" the meaningful "Shadowcast" by the same team; the mournful then tragic "Splinter cell" by Henning Lohner; "Immortal Mass" by Lohner/Boll, which starts off as a religious-styled choral before becoming an inspirational instrumental; the relentless "Doomseer" by Zanelli/Duncan, which starts and ends with a ticking clock effect; the reverent, pseudo-oriental "Bitter Pill" by Tillman/Vedvik and "Lonely Grail," which starts off as it sounds before becoming a religious choral.

Rockin' Breaks
Extreme XCD126
28 Tracks 50:07 mins

Extreme Music also sent me a copy of this hard-rockin' set of instrumentals and if you like this kind of thing you'll lap this one up, as there's some good stuff to be found here, very much in the style of many contemporary action scores. Many of the tracks are guitar driven, but some are more techno in nature and some a combination of the two. The composers featured are The Jetboys, Blues Saraceno, Clay Duncan and Fuzzman/Whammy Boy, all of whom mean nothing whatsoever to this film music lover, but there's some undeniably toe-tapping, pulse-pounding stuff to be heard here.
The disc is neat too, designed to resemble a good, old-fashioned record.

Twisted XTW010
23 Tracks 38:59 mins

I'm not familiar with Extreme's Twisted series, which on the evidence of this entry I'm not too sorry about. What we have here is a disc featuring 60 second and 30 second versions of tracks by a number of composers, all again unfamiliar to me, all of which are very futuristic and some quite spaced-out and weird, which maybe could develop into something listenable, but really aren't long enough to form any kind of bond with.
The design of the black and blue packaging is quite snazzy though.


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