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Friday, July 28, 2006

CD REVIEW - Uno Dopo L'Altro

Uno Dopo L'Altro
Music by Fred Bongusto and Berto Pisano
GDM 2067 (Italy)
26 Tracks 57:52 mins

Following hard on the heels of yesterday's review is another welcome premiere release of the score for yet another 1968 Italian Western, this time with music by Fred Bongusto, better known for his distinctive vocals on a number of genre scores, and of course utilising them here also, and Berto Pisano. I don't know, but I suspect that the former's contribution to the score is the song "May Be One, May Be Nine," which he of course sings a few times, but which is also incorporated prominently instrumentally in the score, whilst Pisano probably undertook the rest of the honours, including composing the main theme, a propulsive, trumpet-lead theme, which is also given its head a number of times throughout.
Really, with the exception of the aforesaid compositions, plus a low-key, fateful guitar theme, this is a largely suspenseful score, and not nearly as consistently entertaining as yesterday's offering, but the main themes are notable and enjoyable, and do make numerous fragmented or fuller appearances throughout.
Amongst the four bonus tracks are a very good, whistled version of the song, with guitar accompaniment and the original single version of the song. Bongusto's vocals are, incidentally, in English.
Just when I think we must be getting to the bottom of the barrel in terms of unreleased Italian Western scores, I am again delighted to be proven wrong by these two releases. Keep 'em coming!
Again, I would urge you to go to for all your Italian film music requirements.


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