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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CD REVIEW - Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Music by Leon Willett
Funcom Limited Edition
22 Tracks 68:34 mins

Scottish born composer leon Willett has written a notable symphonic styled score for Funcom's fantasy game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Without the luxury of live players, Willett has nevertheless come up with a good orchestral sound, using synths and samples, including some ethnic instruments and subtle use of female voices.
There is much mysterious and quite mystical music in evidence, with some nice ethereal moments, but also music of power and menace, and not a little excitement.
Highlights include the lovely, drifting female vocal "The Hospital Room," featuring Vivi Christensen; the quite sunny "Casablanca;" the chase music of "Jiva;" the menacing action of "Northlands Forest;" and the ethereal "Meeting April Ryan," leading to the romantic, yet ultimately proud "April's Theme."
Star Wars fans may find this score of interest, as it takes a definite turn in that direction with the mysterious, then powerful "Necropolis." Willett seems to have been influenced by John Williams' scoring of the original trilogy, as a number of the more mysterious and otherworldly moments that follow are very reminiscent of the great man's scoring of such dark and mysterious places as the swamps of Dagobah; and there's some very Star Warsish action in "Wati Corp."
But just to show Willett still has a voice very much of his own, he comes up with the percussive mover "Sadir;" the heroic and determined march for "Kian's Theme;" and the pretty, keyboard-lead "Zoe's Theme."
Willett's contribution ends with track 16, the following six cues being various electronic and poppy movers, by assorted contributors, together with a dreamy ballad, "Rush," featuring Bjork-like vocals by Ingvild Hasund and a melancholy piano solo, "Faith," by Morten Sorlie.
You can order your copy of the Dreamfall soundtrack by going to - list, but hurry, as it is a limited edition; and if you want to know more about Leon Willett, you can visit his website at and also read a couple of interviews regarding his Dreamfall score at and


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