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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CD REVIEW - The Big Empty

The Big Empty
Music by Brian Tyler
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1038
24 Tracks 46:45 mins

Brian Tyler is certainly one of the brightest in the new crop of Hollywood film music composers, but this score to Steve Anderson's offbeat film from 2003 is a little different from what we've mostly been used to from him, namely large symphonic scores like Timeline, The Greatest Game Ever Played and Annapolis.
The score is what you would call "quirky," shades of Thomas Newman, but mostly I would describe it as the composer's own personal Twin Peaks.
It has an undeniably catchy main theme, which is something of a mysterious, bluesy mover, and is always welcome when it appears, as it does throughout the score - a score which is very atmospheric and mysterious, with surprising ethnic touches, featuring female voice and what sounds like the Duduk. Electric guitars, percussion and organ, as well as a tinkling piano motif are also in evidence.
It's certainly different than most Tyler scores I have heard, and he certainly proves his versatility here. But personally, I prefer his large symphonic output. Maybe I would think more of it if I actually had the chance of seeing this film which seems to have passed under my radar.
The accompanying foldout sleeve features an introduction to the film, as well as notes from the producer and composer.
If you do want to check this score out, you'd best hurry, as it's a limited edition of just 1500 copies.


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