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Saturday, March 11, 2006

CD REVIEW - Zigzag/The Super Cops/Hawkins

Zigzag/The Super Cops/Hawkins
Music by Oliver Nelson & Jerry Fielding
Film Score Monthly Vol.9 No.2
Disc 1 - 27 tracks 72:17 mins Disc 2 - 28 Tracks 79:55 mins

Fans of cult TV series The Six Million Dollar Man are no doubt still hoping that someone like FSM will one day serve up a collection of music from the show, but in the meantime, its principal composer Oliver Nelson's music for the 1970 thriller Zigzag, starring George Kennedy, is served up here.
Disc 1 features Nelson's original score, totalling just over 26 minutes, coupled with the re-recorded original soundtrack album at nearly 29 minutes, with the rest of the disc being devoted to big band singer Anita O'Day's contributions to the soundtracks of both Zigzag and The Outfit, the score of which was the subject of another FSM release.
Nelson's score is largely based on a jazzy main theme, which shows its versatility, cropping up in various forms throughout the disc, whether it be fast-moving, as in the "Main Title," an action variation, or rather more laid-back and gentle. Nelson's secondary theme is a very nice love theme, first heard warmly on strings in "This Robe is Shot." The score has a good deal of melancholy about it, as befits this doom-laden tale.
The album version of the score features a lot of material, which is pretty faithful to the original film performance, but some of the cues are extended and the "Love Theme" is given a bossa nova treatment. Bobby Hatfield, one half of the Righteous Brothers sings a couple of songs and Roy Orbison sings the title song.
The Anita O'Day portion of the disc features well-knows songs like "On Green Dolphin Street" and "You Were Meant for Me."
Disc 2 is devoted to the music of Jerry fielding, with his 38-minute score for the 1974 comedy-thriller The Super Cops leading the way. The composer's approach is a mixture of militaristic and comedic music, with plenty of jazz, source or in the scoring, and some typical action writing in the vein of his more serious thrillers of the period.
Jerry Goldsmith scored the pilot to the short-lived TV series Hawkins, and this music is available on FSMCD Vol.6 No.13. Of the other seven episodes, Fielding scored three, and music from all of these is included here. "Life for a Life" includes music reused from the composer's scores for the Star Trek episode "Spectre of the Gun" and the featureLawman. There's a harmonica/banjo folk track from "Blood Feud," together with the score, which contains similarly folksy moments. "Murder in the Slave Trade," features a lush-stringed source cue, taken from the feature Scorpio, plus the largely dark and uninteresting score, with just a snatch of Goldsmith's theme towards the end.
The final selections on this disc fall under the heading "Jerry Fielding's Source Café," and feature source music, written by the composer, for both The Super Cops and The Outfit.
An informative booklet, as always, accompanies the discs, with stills from the films and the invaluable cue-by-cue guide.


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