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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

CD REVIEWS - Two new Directors Cuts

Directors Cuts Production Music Library DCD021
21 Tracks 54:36 mins

The first of two new releases from Extreme Music from their excellent Directors Cuts series is described as "disturbingly haunted fright-flick flinchcore scores" and features music to be very afraid by composers James Brett , Cody Westheimer, Michael Price, Matt Gates, Luca Antonini and Mike Shapiro, with Brett co-writing one selection with a colleague by the name of Walter, whose first name we are not given.
Overall, the music is very much a reflection of the type of scoring put into many low-budget, and some higher-budgeted contemporary horrors, with some very dark and eerie atmospheres, menacing action and mysterious piano. Frightening stuff and perfect for forthcoming attractions in this genre.

Light Drama 2
Directors Cuts Production Music Library DCD022
15 Tracks 50:58 mins

Composers featured on this second release, the music for which is described as "underlying scene-setting ambitonal backdrops," are James S. Levine, Michael Price and the Tillman/Vedvik team. Selections vary from sad and reflective, to warm and sensitive, to upbeat and rhythmic, often keyboard-lead and very much in the style created by Thomas Newman for the likes of American Beauty, and echoed by many a composer since. Very suitable for your "movie of the week" or indie drama.


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