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Friday, March 17, 2006

CD REVIEW - La Battaglia del Deserto & News from Intrada

La Battaglia del Deserto
Music by Bruno Nicolai
Digitmovies CDDM049
30 Tracks 49:16 mins

I've long treasured my old mono LP of Bruno Nicolai's music to this 1969 war film, especially for its splendidly bombastic main theme. Now Digitmovies have done us yet another great service in releasing the complete score and in glorious stereo to boot. That extended main theme is also included as one of three bonus tracks - and all of these in stereo too, but the theme gets plenty of workouts throughout the score in any case. There is also a very nice love theme for "Nancy,"
performed principally by guitar; and more piano-lead romantic music can be found in "Sogno D'Amore." A tragic variation on the love theme can be heard in the powerful "Suicido."
Much of the score is tense and suspenseful, with the variations on the main theme providing the more uptempo moments, though it is occasionally performed in more laid-back mode.
Completing the score are a couple of jazzy source cues and a very nice waltz.
The accompanying booklet features the usual notes on the music, cast and crew and a plot synopsis, as well as full colour artwork and stills.
After this splendid batch of three, I can't wait to see what this enterprising label's next releases might be.

INTRADA Announces:

Composed and Conducted by BRUCE BROUGHTON
Performed by the SINFONIA OF LONDON

The story of TOMBSTONE (1993) is a famous one: Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell), after cleaning up the wild Dodge City, decides to move to Tombstone to get rich and live in obscurity. There he meets his brothers and old friend Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer). But there's no rest to be had in the old west, as a band of outlaws, "The Cowboys," are maliciously performing random acts of violence. The confrontation between The Cowboys and Holliday and the Earps is inevitable, leading to the famous shoot-out at the OK Corral.

Composer Bruce Broughton describes his approach: "The music to Tombstone is not particularly “western” in that the orchestration depends not at all on the typical western instruments such as the guitar and harmonica. It relies, in fact, on instruments of ethnic colour like the Hungarian cimbalom, the Irish tin whistle and bhodran, and the French contrabass sarrusophone. The brass section includes, along with tenor and bas trombones, the more massive contrabass trombone. Much of this score reminds me of what I once heard Bernard Herrmann tell a studio orchestra — 'The highest note here is the middle C.'" This powerful, dramatic work is performed in stunning detail by the Sinfonia of London.

For this special 2-CD release of TOMBSTONE, INTRADA presents the complete score on disc one, digitally remastered and including Jerry Goldsmith's music for the Cinergi logo. This logo was composed to debut with TOMBSTONE's theatrical release and was conducted by Broughton at the TOMBSTONE sessions. Disc 2 -- included as a bonus -- includes alternate cues and extended source cues heard in the film.

INTRADA Special Collection - MAF 7097
Available Now


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