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Sunday, January 01, 2006


CD REVIEW - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Music by Danny Elfman
Warner Bros. 72264
21 Tracks 54:14 mins

Now that the film is available in the U.K. on DVD, I thought I would just do a little retrospective review of the soundtrack album, which of course, being a Tim Burton film, is provided by Danny Elfman, who not only composes the music but sings the songs as well.
Rather than present the music in film order, with the songs intermingled with the score, the album opens with all five songs - the catchy Wonka's Welcome Song; the crazy big band arrangement of Augustus Gloop; the funky Violet Beauregarde; the flower-powered Veruca Salt; and the Queen-like rock opera number Mike Teavee - all of them very enjoyable fare.
The score follows and finds the composer revisiting, to a certain extent, the days of Edward Scissorhands and the PeeWee films. It's all very imaginitive, with much use of voices, females to the fore for the more awe-filled, ethereal moments and males for the more menacing ones, and also driving the River Cruise scenes. The disc ends with a suite of largely instrumental versions of the songs (lyrics for which, by the way, can be found in the accompanying booklet), making for a very satisfying conclusion.


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