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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

CD REVIEW - The Island

Music by Steve Jablonsky
Milan 301 724-1
15 Tracks 56:13 mins

To welcome the imminent U.K. release of the film on DVD, here is my take on the soundtrack album, which only recently arrived at my door after a long struggle and was it worth the wait? Well, put it this way, Steve Jablonsky's score for this sci-fi thriller, starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, isn't a patch on his exciting score for the animated Steamboy, but it's still a very serviceable score, which despite many suspenseful moments, retains forward motion by means of an almost ever-present underlying rhythmic pulse. There are some exciting action moments, but these are usually frustratingly brief and no sooner has the foot started tapping than they're over.
Much of the score is in the typical Media Ventures style, with choir enhancing key moments, but a large part has a definite techno edge. A somewhat poignant love theme emerges a couple of times, with Jablonsky saving best for last with the concluding clebratory score cue My Name is Lincoln. Completing the content is a rap song by an uncredited male vocalist and the album concludes with a track by The Prom Kings.


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