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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Big City
Music by Erwann Kermorvant
MovieScore Media MMS-10004
19 Tracks 39:13 mins

As promised, here is my review of the other Erwann Kermorvant score resurrected by MovieScore Media as Volume 8 of their "Media Discovery Collection. 2006's Big City is an oddity - a light-hearted French western, with a young cast, but a film that provided Kermorvant with a great opportunity to follow in the traditions of many a fine composer for the genre, whilst keeping his tongue firmly in his cheek.
Working with the Hungarian Radio Orchestra, conducted by Bela Drahos, Kormorvant commences with "Once Upon the Time...," which mixes familiar Hollywood westernisms, with more general John Williams-like orchestral adventure, and even a touch of jazz thrown in. "This Means War!" opens with Native American chanting, but builds to a rousing conclusion. "The Good, The Oil and the Beauty" opens with a close relative of the Silverado theme (also be heard in "Ambush/KKK"), but largely consists of romantic fare. The rousing, rhythmic action music of "The Battle" leads to something of a grim conclusion; with the largely low-key "The Plan" following, though the cue does have its dramatic moments.
Other notable tracks include the suitably over-the-top"The Drunk Waltz;" the hoe-down-like "Business as Usual;" the adventurous "The Whip," which pays tribute to John Williams' Star Wars scores; the gentle, flute-lead "Monologue;" the solemn trumpet and drums rendition of "Amazing Grace," featured in "Painful Memories;" the warm wrap-up of "Farewell;" and "Epilogue/End Credits" which, after a soft piano solo, plays us out with a medley of the composer's major thematic material from the score, principally the Silverado clone and the "Drunk Waltz."
For all its cliches, this is largely a fun, undemanding and entertaining listen, well worth seeking out.
Available only as a CD, go to for samples and ordering recommendations.


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