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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Premiering at the Seattle International Film Festival this May-June, the latest project scored by composer Austin Wintory, whose album for Grace, I recently covered here, is indie-drama A Little Help, the directorial debut of The King of Queens creator Michael J. Weithorn.
The film is populated by classic rock songs and new numbers by Jakob Dylan, with Wintory left to fill the gaps in between. His brief was to come up with "dramatically/darkly comedic" music but, whilst electric guitar, bass and drums do feature, it isn't a rock score and instead covers a wide variety of styles. Wintory, and co-writer/performer Celeigh Chapman, also provided the song "I'm Lucky."
It is unlikely there will be a commercial release for Wintory's music, but his publicists, Costa Communications, have kindly allowed me to sample the score. The seven tracks clock in at around 12 minutes, and commence with a somewhat off-kilter waltz for "Reception," which is followed by "I'm Lucky," an understated little song, featuring Chapman and presumably Wintory on piano. By complete contrast, "Hey Douchebag!" is a quirky little, Eastern-European flavoured piece, which ends on a strange, somewhat ethereal, note. This ethereal quality is carried into "Twenty Years Too Late," with a melancholy electric guitar through line. It's back to the waltz music for "Deposition," with "Late Arrival" returning us to the ethereal, with more melancholy electric guitar playing featured. Final track, "Goodnight" sees the electric guitar in more tender mode.
Next up for Wintory is Bob Celestino's thriller Leave, and the composer is also reuniting with director Amin Matalqa for Welcome to Nowhere.


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