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Thursday, January 14, 2010


The Descent Part 2
Music by David Julyan
MovieScore Media MMS 10001
16 Tracks 41:01 mins

2005's The Descent was an effective, award-winning shocker about a group of cavers who fatally encounter terrifying creatures living deep underground, who proceed to pick them off one by one. Recently, a sequel was released, which continued straight on from that story, with the sole escapee returning with a fresh group of prey to seek out survivors of her group.
The original film's director, Neil Marshall didn't return for the sequel and instead editor Jon Harris took the reins for a film which is, I guess, more of the same. Composer David Julyan did return however, and again I suppose his music is cut from the same cloth. Fortunately for fans of the film and the genre both scores are available on disc, the latest being released by MovieScore Media both on CD and as a digital download.
I have to confess that I am not a fan of Julyan's music, which often combines electronic soundscapes with conventional orchestra and, whilst inventive, is often lacking in strong melodic material, of which I am of course most fond. However, his work on the Descent films is effective and perfectly crafted for its subject matter.
Predictably, I don't own the original Descent album, so cannot comment as to whether the score for The Descent 2 is more of the same, or builds on the groundwork laid down in the original. What I can tell you is that here Julyan's score is appropriately a mix of tension and suspense, sometimes droning along barely audibly, but with the odd poignant moment, as in "Cath is Trapped" and "Rios Leaves a Message;" and savage bursts of cacophonous action for the creature attacks, which are both exciting and chilling; these becoming more abundant in tracks like "The Pit" and "The feeding Chamber," as both film and score build to their conclusion. The album finishes with the weighty title track, which proves Julyan can indeed write an effective melody when it's called for, though it's not necessarily one that will linger long in the memory.
For samples and details as to how to obtain your copy of the album, go to, where you can also view a trailer for the film.


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