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Thursday, October 08, 2009


From Costa Communications:

"Surrogates" Creates 4th Collaboration Between Composer & Director
Composer Richard Marvin reunites for the fourth time with Director Jonathan Mostow for the sci-fi thriller "Surrogates." Marvin incorporates over 120 musicians, along with electronic elements, to create an epic dramatic score. The film describes a near future where humans live in isolation and only interact through robotic bodies that serve as surrogates. When several humans are murdered after their surrogates are destroyed, a cop (Bruce Willis) investigates the crimes through his own surrogate. After a near fatal encounter, the cop's surrogate is destroyed and forces him to bring his human form out of isolation and unravel a conspiracy behind the crimes. In addition to scoring "Surrogates," Marvin worked closely with director Curtis Hanson to write the music for the new fall series "Three Rivers."

Film Composer Elia Cmiral Delivers Horrifying Score

For Psychological Thriller “Forget Me Not”

Premiering at Screamfest LA Film Festival Oct. 22 2009

(Los Angeles, CA)- Celebrated film composer, Elia Cmiral is scoring “Forget Me Not”, a mind-twisting horror movie, making a terrifying appearance at Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2009. Cmiral is well versed in the horror genre and has already won best musical score for the film “Splinter” at last year’s Screamfest. His new work, “Forget Me Not” focuses on a group of young and rowdy teenagers who have just graduated from high school; yet with celebration in the air, the vengeful spirit of a friend from their past decides to crash the party. Working with director Tyler Oliver, a musician himself, Cmiral brings emotion and feeling to this horrifying feature through his score, which tends to be much lighter than what is usually assumed for a horror film. Cmiral masterfully utilizes contemporary sounds, drum loops, guitar and bass into his works. The emotion of the movie shines through on the piano pieces which thematically reoccur throughout the film.

The teenage horror film does not take itself too seriously like many movies in this genre tend to do; instead it offers a highly entertaining and seriously scary experience with some unexpected twists. The original music has the typical horror flavors to get your heart racing yet also has a sweet, melancholic piano theme, and charming flashback cues which coolly contrast with distorted material for the atmospheric and chase scenes. With a young cast, a musical score that makes you shiver, and a plot that gets your heart racing, ‘Forget Me Not’ will leave every viewer looking over their shoulder as they exit the theater.

‘Forget Me Not’ is a new addition to the Screamfest Film Festival, the premier outlet for horror and sci-fi genres. This year Screamfest will be showcasing ‘Forget Me Not’ on October 22nd at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. Screamfest began in 2001 by film producers Rachel Belofsky and Ross Martin in order to give horror and sci-fi filmmakers and writers a venue to have their work showcased within the industry. Many great films have come through this festival in the last 8 years, and ‘Forget Me Not’ is sure to be one of them.

No stranger to the world of horror and thriller movies, Elia Cmiral has scored films such as “Stigmata” and “Wrong Turn”. Born in Czechoslovakia, he attended the Prague Music Conservatory, where he studied composition and double bass. In 1989, he moved to America to attend USC's prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program, which led to him scoring his first American feature, “Apartment Zero”. Over the next decade, Cmiral continued building a reputation for himself, which lead to his scoring the successful “Nash Bridges” television series. In the last 10 years, Elia has written over two-dozen scores for independent films, TV and major studios.


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