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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


From Perseverance Records:

J. Peter Robinson's Believers Score Out

Limited to 1,000 Units

Perseverance Records PRD 031


Our latest release contains the (almost) complete score to this very

scary John Schlesinger film, starring Martin Sheen and Helen Shaver.

This CD release adds ca 35 minutes of music to the Varese LP and is

sequenced in film order with correct track titles. Peter was never

really happy with the LP, as there were people in the credits that he

had never met, let alone who worked on the LP with him. This time, he

was fully involved in the process all the way to the end. Our

collaboration was a very happy one.

To order, go to

Craig Safan's Fade to Black Promo CD Available Now

Limited to 500 Units

Promo CD Produced by Craig Safan in Collaboration with Perseverance




I had approached Craig Safan to see if he was interested in producing

on an album of his fantastic music to 1981's Fade to Black, and he was

all for it. He was present at and involved in all aspects of the

production of the CD. We are selling the remainder of the CDs that

didn't go to him to recoup production costs, as he didn't have to pay

for his batch. He is very happy with the outcome. So am I.

To order, go to

More Price Cuts on Selected Albums, Which Will Soon Be Out of Stock

In order to make room for new titles we have priced more albums at

discount prices. Also, many titles are running out and will soon be out

of stock. There won't be a re-pressing, so get yours while they are

still available!

To check for availability, go to


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