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Monday, May 11, 2009


Music by Jerry Goldsmith & Tristram Cary
Harkit Records HRKCD 8327 (EU)
23 Tracks 45:57 mins

1968's Sebastian, starring Dirk Bogarde and Susannah York was another release in the swinging spy genre that was sweeping cinemas and TV at the time. The man assigned to score it, Jerry Goldsmith had already enjoyed big screen success in that genre with his music for Our Man Flint and its sequel In Like Flint; and for TV there was of course The Man from U.N.C.L.E., for which he provided the iconic main theme and scored first season episodes. Nobody was better suited to Sebastian then. Which, of course was disappointing then for Oxford-born Tristram Cary who, with his interest in the relatively new field of electronic music, was asked to provide the electronic music effect used for the audio code embedded in the satellite radio signal, Oxford professor and expert decoder for the British Secret Service, Sebastian (Bogarde) was on a mission to crack. In the event, Goldsmith was obviously the right choice for this mix of thrills, comedy and romance.
His score, released on a now rare LP at the time was quite brief and, for this premiere CD reissue, it is only slightly expanded to include the Anita Harris version of Goldsmith and Hal Shaper's ballad "Comes the Night" (the other version, also included, is by Jimmy A. Hassell). As a bonus however, Cary's music is included, if music is indeed what you can call it (there's really nothing musical about it, to my ear, anyway), complete with spoken introductions, further expanding the disc from 11 to 23 tracks.
The greatest element of Goldsmith's score for the film is his title theme, a tremendously "with it" and infectious piece for electric guitars, brass, xylophone, percussion and vocal group - worth the price of this CD alone. After of course opening the disc, this versatile theme receives a number of interesting variations throughout the score, being at the heart of the action in "Checkmate," romantic in "Night Scene," and given a breezy orchestral arrangement in the optimistic "First Day at Work."
Apart from this theme and variations, there are a vocal group's rendition of the poppy song "You Gotta Let Me Go;" a somewhat jazzy arrangement of a Bach fugue in "The Decoders;" and a couple of typically Goldsmithian suspense cues of the time, "Carol's Apartment" and "The Trip."
If you're a Goldsmith fan and you haven't got the original LP, or even if you have and want to update to CD, you certainly should have this release in your collection.
Accompanying the disc is the usual quality booklet from Harkit, with stills from the film, a synopsis of the plot, profiles of the principal cast, producer and director, together with Randall D. Larson's essay on the film and its music; and a further essay on Cary by Professor Charles Bodman-Rae. Strangely, however, no profile of Goldsmith, a serious oversight if ever there was one. No matter, the music's what counts and it's great that the score has finally received a well overdue re-release. Order your copy from

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