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Saturday, April 11, 2009


The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice
Music by Joseph LoDuca
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1084 (US)
27 Tracks 56:48 mins

After a little uncertainty, La-L Land Records has released the score for the third in the series of Librarian adventures, Curse of the Judas Chalice, having of course released the scores for the the others in the series, along with other works by Joseph LoDuca, maintaining one of several special relationships they have with composers.
I haven't had the opportunity of seeing any of the Librarian TV movies yet but, by all accounts, they are entertaining affairs, along the lines of the Indiana Jones adventures. Indeed, the main theme is compared by director Jonathan Frakes, in the colourful accompanying booklet, to John Williams' classic theme for Indy. I wouldn't go so far as that, but it's catchy enough in its own way. In fact LoDuca's music for all three films is entertaining enough, it's just that we're talking TV budgets here and although an orchestra was used, sampled voices and electronics are also in the mix, and we're not talking the Hans Zimmer kind of electronics. No, we're back to my pet hate of over intrusive electronics, substituting for brass especially, but if you don't mind that sort of thing, and you're a fan of the series, you'll probably enjoy what's on offer here. It's certainly a varied box of delights with, as detailed by the composer in his booklet notes, "a Romanian Dracul theme, a James Bond parody, a swashbuckling fight scene, not to mention healthy dose of comedy and suspense." There's also a song, voiced by Stana Katie, performed in a New Orleans jazz club setting, but also cropping up a couple more times in the score, which was written by the composer, and also serves as the film's love theme; as well as some good old-fashioned New Orleans jazz, funkiness in "Simone to the Rescue," some French accordion, a touch of zydeco, and a couple of brief male vocals on "Just Can't Help It" and "Comin' Home."
The aforementioned booklet, as well as notes from the composer, with special emphasis on the background to the aforementioned song; also features brief notes by producer Dean Devlin, and director Frakes; and as this release is limited to just 1500 units, I would suggest you get along to and order your copy now.


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