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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Music by John Powell
Walt Disney Records D000278102 (US)
19 Tracks 37:07 mins

By now, John Powell could probably score an animated film in his sleep, having worked on more than his share in recent years. His latest effort is for this comedy, featuring the voices of John Travolta (as the title character, super-dog and Hollywood star Bolt) and Miley Cyrus as the dog's owner. The story concerns Bolt's cross-country journey back to his owner when he is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood sound stage to New York City.
The soundtrack album opens with a couple of very acceptable songs, the upbeat "I Thought I lost You," which sees stars Travolta and Cyrus team up for a duet, and the easy country number "Barking at the Moon" by Jenny Lewis. After that, it's score all the way, starting out with the warmth of "Meet Bolt," with its delicate piano solo. "Bolt Transforms" follows dynamically in its wake, our hero leaping into action in the exciting "Scooter Chase." After a stereotypical urban introduction to "New York," Powell provides some conventional comedic scoring. "Meet Mittens" offers variations on a waltz theme; whilst "The RV Park" trips along lightly. After a comedic start, "A Fast Train" bursts into more exciting action, whilst "Where Were You on St. Rhino's Day?" reaches a big, triumphant crescendo. "Sing-along Rhino" is hampered by an irritating vocal intrusion early on, but develops into more propulsive action, which continues into "Saving Mittens," ending in a big crescendo. After a moment of triumph, "House on Wheels" restores some calm and warmth, before proceeding in a western-styled manner into "Las Vegas," before turning wistful and then warm in "A Friend in Need." An anxious start to "Rescuing Penny" leads into more furious action, before the cue ends in triumph; the happy mood continuing in "A Real Live Superbark."
The final cues on the album see firstly a return to the dynamic antics of the super-dog in "Unbelievable TV," followed by the warm Americana of "Home at Last," which gives way to a brief vocal reprise of "Barking at the Moon, bringing a satisfying close to yet another winning animation score from Powell
Both the album and the film received a November release in the States, but the latter has yet to make UK screens.

The Spirit is coming!

Silva Screen Records has announced the forthcoming release of David Newman's much anticipated score for Frank Miller's adaptation of comic book character The Spirit. There will be 18 tracks on the CD, which is due for release 0n 2nd February 2009. I hope to bring you a review next month.


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