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Monday, October 13, 2008


Something The Lord Made
Music by Christopher Young
BSX Records BSXCD 8837 (US)
14 Tracks 40:57 mins

BSX Records continue their special relationship with composer Christopher Young, releasing his score for the award-winning 2004 HBO production Something The Lord Made, which stars Alan Rickman and Mos Def as pioneering surgeon Alfred Blalock and his assistant Vivien Thomas.
Though his has a strong affinity for the horror genre and has scored many such films, Young always seems to enjoy working on "human" pictures, producing acclaimed music for such as Murder In The First and The Shipping News, among others; and this is no exception.
The album commences with the title track, a sensitive, understated piece for piano and strings. The same combination carries into "Dr. Vivien Thomas," another heartfelt piece. In complete contrast is the stealthy jazz of "Class Three" that follows; but piano and strings return for the quiet anxiety of "An Expression of Faith." "Towards The Great End" has a suitably spiritual feel, but it's back to thelow-key jazz for "Me Oh My." More anxiety can be found in the strings in "Only God Can Fix Hearts," but piano enters, with the strings intensifying to provide a firm resolution. "Vena Cava" again provides tension, but ends sensitively with piano returning. "Turning Blue Into Pink" opens with a brief conversation between double bass and piano, but then sensitive strings intervene to join with piano, the mood continuing in "An Innocent Heart," with its heartfelt ending. As one would expect, the tension returns for the lengthy "Building A Bypass," building to a triumphant conclusion. More sensitive piano and strings for "The Angel" leads into the joyous "What Exactly Is God's Plan? with the main theme returning on piano to close. The concluding track "Thanks Be" treats us to a strings-heavy, emotional rendition of the same theme, to bring the score to a satisfying conclusion.
If you enjoy this side of Christopher Young's music, and what's not to like, don't delay, order your copy from now.


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