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Friday, February 15, 2008


Christopher Young is a master when it comes to scoring thrillers and horror movies, so presumably it wasn't a stretch for him to come up with the music for Gregory Hoblit's new thriller, Untraceable, which opened in the States on January 25th and sees Diane Lane star as an FBI cyber cop, trying to track down an internet predator, who actually does the killing live online.
Young's title theme flows quite nicely, carried principally by piano, and the theme recurrs throughout the score, presumably signifying Lane's character and her investigations, but much of the music is dark and menacing, as one would expect, a mix of high tension and suspense, including truly eerie string writing, and out and out thrills. A more developed version of the main theme provides a satisfying conclusion.
Working, as I am, from a promotional copy of the score, kindly furnished by Costa Communications, I have no word as yet as to whether a commercial release is planned.


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