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Monday, October 29, 2007


Nati con la Camicia
Music by Franco Micalizzi
Beat Records CDCR 77 (Italy)
14 Tracks 41:29 mins

Beat Records continues to champion the work of Franco Micalizzi with the release of his music for this 1983 instalment in the series of popular buddy movies starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer who, in this adventure, find themselves mistaken for CIA agents and given a dangerous assignment which, in their inimitable way, they of course successfully undertake.
Micalizzi provides a highly tuneful accompaniment, with many variations on the upbeat main theme, first heard as an uptempo country song "In the Middle of that Trouble Again," performed by A.D. Meakin and then reprised many times instrumentally, either with saxophone or flute lead, mostly enhanced by synths, and sometimes heard in tandem with the "Spies in Action" theme, a tense and slightly menacing motif. Apart from these themes, Micalizzi gives a suitably tropical feel to "Caribeena Women" and provides laid-back, sunny instrumentals in "Shining day" and "Flying to Miami." A shorter version of the opening song brings this entertaining disc to a close.
The CD is accompanied by an attractive booklet, featuring colour stills and artwork from the film, together with notes in Italian and English byFabio Babini.
Next up from Beat is Cinecocktail 3, which I look forward to covering soon. In the meantime, visit their site at


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