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Thursday, September 13, 2007


The Bourne Ultimatum
Music by John Powell
Decca 174 1038 (EU)
10 Tracks 55:01 mins

Just as Jason Bourne wouldn't be Jason Bourne without Matt Damon, his adventures just wouldn't be the same without John Powell's music. For this third, and possibly final, outing for the amnesiac one-man killing machine, striving to uncover his past, it's basically more of the same, propulsive action music, sometimes incorporating the familiar Bourne theme, with quieter, reflective, melancholy interludes and the odd bit of weightiness and drama here and there.
Standout tracks are "Tangiers," which starts out evoking the mysterious east and then takes off with ethnic percussion driving it on before the Bourne theme joins in to propel it to a close; the propuslive action and suspense of "Assets and Targets;" the emotive strings of "Faces Without Names;" the lengthy foot pursuit at "Waterloo," with its almost a capella percussive interlude;" and the exciting "Man Verses Man." Even the final track, "Extreme Ways," written and performed by Moby isn't unacceptable.
I'm always glad to hear a new score by John Powell, who is without doubt one of the most consistently interesting and enjoyable film composers we have these days and, if this is to be the last outing for Bourne, at least we can revisit his fine soundtrack albums for the films.


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