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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Starr Parodi's Conversations With Other Women

You may recall I recently ran a press release from Costa Communications regarding Starr Parodi's music for the critically acclaimed Conversations With Other Women, which has recently been released on DVD in the States.

Unfortunately I have been unable to determine a release date for the DVD in the UK, but Costa Communications kindly sent me a promotional disc, featuring some 34 minutes of her score, written in collaboration with her husband Jeff Fair, spread over 11 tracks.

The first half-dozen tracks are very much in the source music form, with "Her Story," "Where's Your daddy?" and "Fuzzy Headset" in swinging jazz mode; "Last Dance," a smoky, trumpet-lead slow dance; "Shirley Temple With Pineapple," a fun, Hawaiian steel guitar number; and "Another Time," a sad, emotion-filled, acoustic guitar-driven piece, with muted trumpet taking lead. The remaining tracks highlight the dramatic score, which is largely of the ambient variety and less attractive to listen to, I have to say.

Let's hope the film is soon released on DVD in the UK, so I can better assess the score's effectiveness.


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