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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Command & Conquer Generals & Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour

Bill Brown's music to these Tom Clancy titles from EA Games are available for download from Nettwerk America at iTunes. Fans of Brown's music for other scores in the series will pretty much know what to expect. Generals is the longer score, clocking in at nearly 70 minutes and is best described as a little bit Media Ventures and a little bit Spy Game and Blackhawk Down. Basically there are 21 tracks, nearly all of which display forward motion of some degree, either suspenseful or action, or a combination of both. There is a heroic element, and some martial drumming, and also some big & bad moments for electric guitars, but a good deal of the music is ethnic in character, either with far eastern elements or the kind of North African elements utilised in Blackhawk Down and Middle-Easternisms of Spy Game. If you like propulsive action music, of the kind I describe, you're bound to enjoy this.
Zero Hour is basically more of the same mix, but is much shorter, only running for just under 22 minutes, which is why the availability of titles like these for download is so valuable.

Nettwerk America is also in the business of releasing film soundtracks and have made available the original soundtrack to the critically acclaimed TransAmerica, which has already seen its star Felicity Huffman take home the Golden Globe for her performance. The album is a mix of dialogue, Americana songs by various artists, the best known to me being The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jim Lauderdale with Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, Lucinda Williams and Dolly Parton, with just three tracks credited to the film's composer David Mansfield, one of which is an instrumental arrangement of Beautiful Dreamer, the other two being instrumentals very much in keeping with the folk/country feel on display.


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